Pegasus Memorial Museum (Pegasus Bridge)



D-Day troops arriving in Normandy crossed the Caen Canal as they sought to liberate occupied France. The bridge they used was later renamed Pegasus Bridge to honor the British Parachute Regiment. Now, the bridge is part of the Pegasus Memorial Museum, alongside exhibits featuring Second World War artifacts and soldiers’ personal effects.

The historic bridge over the Caen Canal has been replaced by modern construction, steps away from the nearby memorial and museum. Among the finest war museums in Normandy, the small site features an impressive collection whose highlights include a tank and a reproduction Horsa glider. This is a featured stop on many Normandy history tours, Second World War tours, and tours exploring D-Day battlefields.

  • Come prepared for outside weather, as many of the museum’s exhibits are displayed in a park-like exterior.
  • Bring your smartphone to the museum. QR codes throughout the property link to information in 10 languages.
  • The museum is wheelchair accessible.

The Pegasus Memorial Museum is located on Avenue du Major Howard in Ranville, between Caen and Ouistreham. It’s possible to reach Ranville from Caen using bus lines 20 and 120. Both make regular departures from the main Caen bus station, dropping passengers in the center of Ranville 18 minutes later.

The museum is open daily, with 1.5-hour guided tours of the site offered in French and English. (Call the museum for updated tour schedules.) The busiest period stretches from late May through early June, when the region commemorates D-Day and French liberation with parades, memorials, and other events.

The first French house liberated in the Normandy campaign—then occupied by members of the French Resistance—is located a few steps from the Pegasus Memorial Museum. Called Café Gondrée, the family-owned coffeehouse is adorned with military artifacts, and veterans are treated to Champagne on the anniversary of the Allied invasion. While the landmark is now somewhat more commercial, it remains a key stop on D-Day tours of the region.



1 Avenue du Major Howard
Ranville, Normandy


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