Caribou Crossing Trading Post



The spirit of the Klondike gold rush is still thriving at the Caribou Crossing Trading Post, where it’s not only still possible to pan for gold but also actually find some. Visitors almost always strike gold while also learning about the history of the famous rush and the nearby Chilkoot Trail from an interpretive tour guide. 

And gold panning is just the start of the fun at Caribou Crossing, as it is home to a pack of barking Iditarod Dogsled Race veteran huskies, each teeming to pull visitors around on a dog-kart tour. It’s also possible to spend time with small puppies, all but the youngest of which are already training to become future competitors.  

This roadside stop has plenty of other worthy activities to break up a drive on the Klondike Highway between Skagway in Alaska and Whitehorse in the Yukon, including a wildlife museum that spans the ages from the time of woolly mammoths to modern day muskoxen.

There’s also the Caribou Café, an ideal lunch spot complete with homemade donuts, its signature Caribou coffee and Yukon-style home cooking. Stop in the gift shop for Yukon-made arts and crafts. 


Km 109 South Klondike Highway
Carcross, Yukon


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