As the capital of Bermuda, Hamilton is both a main financial center in the Caribbean and an alluring spot for tourists thanks to its pastel-colored buildings and exciting nightlife.

Front Street is a good place to start your day in Hamilton. It is a popular street in Hamilton thanks to a plethora of shops and department stores plus restaurants and art galleries. Shopping is an especially huge draw here since most of what you’ll buy on Front Street is duty free.

Hamilton is also home to many historic churches and buildings and a walking tour of the city can best help you discover the sights and stories of Hamilton. Other popular things to do in Hamilton include seeing the Bacardi headquarters, marveling at the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute, touring Fort Hamilton or participating in Harbour Night if you’re lucky enough to be there on a night it’s occurring. Harbour Night is a street festival that takes place on Front Street on Wednesday evenings during the summer. The festival brings in a variety of food and craft vendors and has live music and entertainment. 


Hamilton, Bermuda


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