Bermuda Railway Trail



The Bermuda Railway Trail is a series of trails for walkers and cyclists that follows along the path of the short-lived Bermuda Railway, which was finished being built in 1931 and ceased operation by 1948 due to it falling into massive disrepair. The Bermuda Railway Trail differs in terms of difficulty level and has sections ideal for beginner or advanced cyclists and hikers. The Bermuda Railway Trail stretches from one end of Bermuda to the other and covers 18 miles. For those wanting to experience the trail by bike, you don’t need to worry about how to pack a bicycle on a plane as there are many bike rental shops in Bermuda.

Parts of the trail are paved while other sections are still dirt. Regardless of the floor of the trail, the Bermuda Railway Trail is surrounded by the beauty of Bermuda and leads you along the coast, through inland forests and past historical sites like lighthouses and old forts. Nature reserves such as the 59-acre Spittal Pond Nature Reserve are also located along the Bermuda Railway Trail and make for a great diversion from cycling or as an added spot to hike through. 




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