Fort Scaur



Dating back to the 1860s, Scaur Hill Fort and Park is a historic piece of fortification that was built to protect the island and dockyard from attacks by America during a time of unrest between Great Britain and the United States. The fort is built high atop a hill in Somerset, which at one point was ideal for giving the guards a clear vantage point of approaching enemy ships, and today is a draw for visitors who can use Scaur Hill Fort and Park as a scenic lookout point to get some great photos of Bermuda. From Fort Scaur, there are excellent views of Ely’s Harbour and Great Sound. The fort was used during World War I and World War II, stationing both British and American troops. Those who love the history of maritime proceedings and war will enjoy touring the fort and learning what each section was for. Those more inclined to visit Fort Scaur due to its surrounding beauty will enjoy walking around the 22 acres of gardens surrounding the fort.

There are also picnic tables, ideal for taking a rest or enjoying a packed lunch. 


Somerset, Bermuda


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