Vancouver Olympic Cauldron



Located in Jack Poole Plaza in front of the Vancouver Convention Center, the Vancouver Olympic Cauldron was built to commemorate the city's 2010 hosting of the Winter Olympic Games. The 33-foot-tall cauldron was constructed with steel and glass and was first lit as the Olympic torch made it's final run on the relay to B.C. Place Stadium for the opening ceremony of the games. Across the plaza from the cauldron is the Vancouver Convention Center, which was host to the media during the Winter Games and a key cog to the operations of the event.  It's a fitting placement to commemorate the amount of work put into the event by the city of Vancouver.

Today, the cauldron, which is back-dropped by stunning view of mountains and sea, has become a tourist destination in the heart of downtown Vancouver. However, the cauldron is only lit on days of special importance such as Remembrance Day or Canada Day. Understandably so, as it is estimated that the operating cost of the cauldron is about $5,000 every 4 hours. Although during the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia, the cauldron was also set alight on days that Canadian athletes claimed a gold medal.


150 Canada Place
Vancouver, British Columbia


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