Once a hub for trade with India and later a battlefield under British attack, Gyantse is a city steeped in history with a culture and people still deeply rooted in tradition. Travelers who venture to this destination, which is located along the Nyang-chu River, will find sprawling fields in quiet residential neighborhoods, while Buddhist temples and lively local markets exist closer to the center of town. 

Gyantse’s size makes it easy to navigate on foot, and several sites are certainly worth making a visit. Pelkor Choede, known as the center of Gyantse, is a yellow hat monastery that, despite a lack of upkeep, showcases local religion and tradition through interior paintings and traditional architecture. Travelers learn about the city’s past at Gyantse Dzong, an ancient fort that’s also home to an Anti-British Imperialists museum. And the eight-story Gyantse Kumbum showcases ornate artwork and highly detailed Buddhist images that are sure to impress most any traveler.


Gyantse, Tibet


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