Devdan Show (Treasure of the Archipelago)



Bali’s answer to Cirque du Soleil, the Devdan Show is an extravaganza of music, acrobatics, dance, sound, and light that takes you on a journey through some of Indonesia’s most colorful islands. Crafted around the tale of two children traveling across the archipelago, it features everything from Papuan dance to corde lisse (aerial rope).

The Basics
You need tickets to visit the Devdan Show at the Nusa Dua Theatre, and it makes sense to book online in advance rather than braving south Bali traffic on a whim. Prices are cheaper than for similar shows in the West but expensive by Indonesian standards. Four classes of seat are available, from VIP down to Seat C, while many Devdan Show ticket packages include door-to-door round-trip transport from elsewhere in south Bali. 

Things to Know Before You Go
  • The Devdan Show is a must for anyone who loves acrobatics, from families with children to singles, couples, and groups of all ages.
  • There’s no need to dress up for the Devdan Show, although you can if you like.
  • Book a package with private transfers to minimize time spent in traffic.
  • The Bali Nusa Dua Theatre is wheelchair-accessible.

How to Get There
The Devdan Show is held in the Bali Nusa Dua Theatre, Nusa Dua, around half an hour’s drive south of Kuta. The Kura-Kura bus from DFS Bay stops at the Bay Bali, just a short walk away from the theater. As driving in Bali after dark is dangerous, many Devdan Show tickets include free shuttle service from selected hotels; some visitors choose to book tickets that include a private transfer. 

When to Get There
The Devdan Show runs four evenings a week, including both Friday and Saturday night; there are no matinee performances. While it’s possible to visit midweek, the atmosphere in the theater is usually at its liveliest on weekends. There are a range of shops and restaurants to visit before or after the show.

Treasures of the Archipelago
Lavish special effects and spectacular acrobatics make the Devdan Show a cut above the average cultural performance—yet all its scenes are firmly rooted in Indonesian tradition. It takes you on a journey across five of Indonesia’s most colorful regions: Bali, Borneo, Kalimantan, Sumatra, and Papua. From golden Balinese dancers to Papuan penis gourds, dances and costumes are authentic.


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