Auto Safari Chapin



Created as a way to both protect endangered native wildlife and show off Guatemala’s natural beauty, the Auto Safari Chapin gives visitors the chance to drive cars through a wilderness setting to see elusive jaguars, tapirs, spider monkeys and white-tailed deer. Other species from around the world to see include giraffes, hippos, water buffalo, ostriches and the crowd favorites: the tiny pygmy goats from Cameroon that charm visitors with their funny antics. All animals at the park roam freely in large enclosures, making the drive feel just like a real wild safari.

Apart from the bigger enclosures, Auto Safari Chapin also includes a smaller walk-through zoo near the entrance, plus a large recreation area with a restaurant. Families with children enjoy the pool area and there is also a lake, where boat rides offer a chance to see pelicans, iguanas and other reptiles. Make sure to keep an eye on the surrounding trees as well, as their branches are the favorite lounging spot for a group of spider monkeys.


Km 87.5 Carretera a Taxisco
Escuintla, Guatemala


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