Hanji Theme Park



The Hanji Theme Park is located in Wonju, a city in South Korea’s Gangwon province and home to the annual Hanji Festival. Hanji (literally meaning ‘Korean paper’) is hand­made from the inner bark of mulberry trees; it’s an ancient and complicated process, and therefore it’s said that the paper’s beauty and durability reflects the wisdom of all those who have the knowledge and patience to produce it. Hanji plays a special role in the history and culture of this region. It was once offered as homage to the king and even used to decorate the residences of Korea's Permanent Representative to the UN. The adaptability of hanji means it has many uses, and this is one of the things visitors learn during their visit to the theme park in Wonju.The Hanji Theme Park covers more than 26,000 square­meters, with a two­story building at its center. This features a history room, an experience center, and a cafeteria on the first floor, with rooms for special exhibitions and seminars on its second level.


151, Hanjigongwon­gil
Wonju, Gangwon


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