Narusawa Ice Cave



The Narusawa Ice Cave is located at the entrance to the Aokigahara Jukai (or Sea of Trees) forest. After being designated by the Ministry of Education as a natural monument in the 1920s, it is now considered a geological wonder, attracting tourists exploring the Five Lakes area at the base of Mount Fuji.

More than 1,100 years ago, a volcano on Mount Fuji erupted and the lava flowed down between ancient volcanoes creating this two-­tunnel cave. The cave experiences temperatures of three degrees celsius and is covered with ice all year­-round, even at the height of summer.

During April, the cave’s icicles have been known to grow up to three meters long and almost half a meter wide. The cave itself is 150 meters in length, although the route down is short, and it will take visitors just a few steps to experience this natural phenomenon’s cooler climate.


Yamanashi, Minamitsuru District
Narusawa, Chubu


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