Mondsee Cathedral (Basilika St. Michael)



Mondsee is a little town in Upper Austria located on the shore of the lake Mondsee. In the year 748, the Bavarian Duke Odilo II founded the monastery on the site of a former Roman settlement. You might better know the Mondsee Cathedral as St. Michael’s Basilica, where the wedding scene in the iconic film ‘The Sound of Music’ took place. Home to the Mondsee Abbey, the cloister church was cemented in popular culture forever when Maria and the Baron Georg von Trapp walked down the aisle in the 1965 movie musical. The Mondsee Cathedral is located directly in the middle of the town center, next door to the monastery building and courtyards (which are open to the public). The abbey is one of the oldest (and the most picturesque!) in Austria. Inside, the most famous ‘resident’ of the Mondsee Cathedral is the skeleton of Abbot Konrad II, who was killed in 1145 defending the monastery from noblemen who wanted to repossess the land.



Wredepl. 3
Mondsee, Upper Austria


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