Plaza de España (Plaza de Armas)



Plaza de Espana was once a vast open field cultivated by the Taino Indian prior to the arrival of Spanish colonizers. It later became the starting point for soldiers as they paraded in regal fashion around the nearby palace of Diego Colon.

Today, this open square in the heart of Santo Domingo is a popular gathering spot for locals and travelers who want to revel in the sunshine while they take in the surrounding culture and street entertainment. Numerous restaurants and cafes offer an opportunity to relax with a cup of coffee, a traditional Dominican meal or a glass of wine, while the open space provides room for concerts and other performances.

The square is most often visited as part of a city tour—whether its on foot, Segway or bike. The nearby Bateria del Almirante is a perfect spot to check out stunning views of the Ozama River during daylight hours and visitors can also walk to the oldest commercial road in the city from Plaza de Espana.


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