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The cute town of Szentendre stands on the west bank of the River Danube Bend around 14 miles (22 km) north of Budapest, a pretty enclave of cheerily painted Baroque houses and Serbian Orthodox churches scattered among galleries, museums and clusters of cafés. Its proximity to Budapest makes it one of the most popular day trips out from the city.

Prominent among the attractions of Szentendre is the nostalgia-inspired Retro Design Center, which flies time travellers back to the 1970s with an in-depth study of lifestyles in Hungary’s Communist era. Here a massive collection of Soviet-style household implements—from toys to televisions and clumsy tape recorders—is displayed in endearingly cluttered surroundings. Several themed set pieces include a flower-power hippy complete with fluorescent platform boots in a room largely decorated in orange; another shows cheery glassware, ceramics and cooking utensils laid out in a basic kitchen.

The standout exhibits have to be the rows of basic, box-like cars, including the brightly colored Trabants so reminiscent of Eastern Europe under Soviet rule. Star turns a bright blue Dormobile covered in hippy-style flower stickers and a startlingly pink cabriolet.


Rév u 4
Szentendre, Central Hungary


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