Yukon Wildlife Preserve



The unique wildlife is often a highlight for visitors to the Canadian wilderness. While sightings are far from guaranteed, an afternoon at the Yukon Wildlife Preserve allows for ten of the area’s mammals to be viewed in relatively close proximity. The animals, which include elk, woodland caribou, lynx, moose, bison, mountain goats, and more, are particularly active during feeding times. Spread across more than twelve acres, the animals roam free in their natural habitat.

The trails running through the reserve total around 5 kilometers, and make for excellent hiking, biking, or walking with views of the Canadian countryside. Open fields scenically framed by mountains allow ample space for wildlife to roam and wander. Seasonally there are also often local birds sitting amongst the marshes. No matter the sightings, it’s always a great opportunity to view the animals in natural surroundings and makes for great photography opportunities.


Takhini Hot Springs Rd
Whitehorse, Yukon


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