South Kennemerland National Park (Nationaal Park Zuid-Kennemerland)



Some 3800 hectares of classic Dutch coastal dunes are being restored in this large nature reserve right in the middle of the busy Randstad. The South Kennemerland National Park is composed of chalky dunes, wide beaches, and coastal forests. Remnants of cultural history like farming estates, seaside villages, and bunkers can also be found in the national park. De Zandwaaier, the park's visitor center, has nature displays and a selection of detailed walking and cycling maps. The Duincafé near the visitor’s center serves coffee, rolls, snacks, and Dutch pancakes.

The park offers more than a hundred miles of footpaths, cycling routes, and horse-riding paths. Whether you want to choose your own route or follow a predetermined path, there’s something for you to enjoy through the woods, across the open sand dunes, and along the lakes and beaches. Trails wind through copses of Corsican firs and valleys of low-lying thickets; at the western edge of the National Park lies a massive sand barrier that's 1,000 years old.


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Bloemendaal, North Holland


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