North Seymour Island (Isla Seymour Norte)



Not to be confused with the island of South Seymour, more commonly referred to as Baltra (the location of the main Galapagos airport, as well as a military base), North Seymour Island (Isla Seymour Norte) is a small island that is flat and uplifted, unlike many of its volcanic neighbors. The most intriguing aspect of North Seymour for visitors is the renowned Blue-footed Boobies that inhabit the island. While walking along the visitor’s pathway, one can often catch the famous courtship dance of the boobies, along with incredible frigate birds, swallow-tail gulls, and other Galapagos birds. Watch along the coastline for marine iguanas and playful sea lions as well. Also be sure to take notice of the spectacular black-and-white lava rocks that surround the coast.

If you’re traveling to the Galapagos to dive, be sure not to miss the wonderful opportunities that Seymour has to offer. Keep your eyes open for Hammerheads, sea lions, the pacific green sea turtle, garden eels, and hundreds of beautifully colored tropical fish.


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