Cardiff City Hall (Neuadd y Ddinas)



Standing proud in the heart of the city since Cardiff was granted its city status back in 1906, the City Hall (Neuadd y Ddinas) remains the focal point of the city’s celebrated civic center – encircled in landscaped gardens, tree-lined alcoves and striking architectural landmarks.

The arresting Edwardian building blends English and French Renaissance styles, with its magnificent façade characterized by its domed atrium, striking clock tower and dramatic water feature. It’s the 194-foot high clock tower with it’s four-face gilded dials and the HC Fear statue of a Welsh dragon perched atop the dome, that have become most iconic to its design, taking prominent place on the city skyline.

Alongside hosting prestigious national and international events, the City hall makes a popular wedding and celebration venue, with its exquisite interiors carved from Portland Stone and embellished with bronze chandeliers. The hall’s celebrated art collection, including the renowned ‘Winter’ piece by Joseph Farquharson, and a series of beautifully sculpted marble statues are also available for public viewing.




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