Warorot Market



Warorot Market is a feast for the senses, where stalls selling dried durian paste and exotic fruits stand cheek by jowl with vendors offering fluffy bath towels and Buddhist amulets. The indoor hub—a more authentic alternative to Chiang Mai’s night markets—is a great place to sample local delicacies and purchase handicrafts at low prices. 

The Basics
With its bustling crowds and local atmosphere, Warorot Market (or Kad Luang) can feel a little overwhelming for first-time visitors. Exploring with a guide allows you to overcome the language barrier, improve your bartering skills, and learn about products that you may otherwise have overlooked. The market is most commonly featured on food tours, which go beyond typical Thai dishes such as green curry, or guided experiences designed to take you off the beaten path.

Things to Know Before You Go 
  • Warorot Market provides insight into the lives of Chiang Mai residents. 
  • The market is a must-visit for food lovers: Visitors can sample authentic and inexpensive northern Thai dishes. 
  • The market is not air-conditioned, so be sure to take plenty of water with you. 

How to Get There 
Located on the banks of the Ping River, Warorot Market is a 30-minute walk from within the Old City walls. You can take a traditional songthaew (shared taxi) to the market or opt for the convenience of round-trip transport on a guided tour.  

When to Get There 
Warorot Market opens from 7am to sunset and attracts a steady stream of locals throughout the day. If you want to watch the city wake up, walk to the market from the Old City just after sunrise to feel like you’ve got the place all to yourself. 

Local Delights at Warorot Market 
For the ultimate taste of Northern Thailand, create your own buffet during your visit to Warorot Market. Be sure to sample the crispy pork skin known as cap moo and the grilled sausage, infused with chilies and fragrant herbs. Another must-try, khao soi consists of spicy coconut broth, egg noodles, and crunchy wonton strips.  


Mueang Chiang Mai District
Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand



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