St-Tropez Market (Marché Place des Lices)



Place des Lices, in the heart of St-Tropez’s Old Town, is mostly famous for its open-air market every Tuesday and Saturday, from 8 am until 1 pm. The square is then bursting with colorful stalls full of fresh local produce, flowers, spices, baked goods, olives, and hand-made preserves; it is consequently very popular with tourists and locals alike, as it offers an aromatic glimpse into the legendary southern French cuisine.

Get to St-Tropez Market (Marché Place des Lices) early in order to beat the crowds and get a less overwhelming experience. Place des Lices is still busy even on non-market days with seven long lines of kiosks flanked by dozens of centennial plane trees, it probably feels and looks like it did two hundred years ago when it first came to life . This is the perfect opportunity for pétanque players to gather into small groups and play the iconic southern French sport all day. There are also many restaurants, cafés and bars nearby.


5 Traverse des Lices
St-Tropez, Provence



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