Jacques Torres Chocolate



For some of New York City’s most famous chocolate treats, head to Jacques Torres Chocolate. Stop by the company’s flagship store in DUMBO, Brooklyn, or one of the other outlets around the city, and enjoy a variety of treats, from handmade truffles to mugs of luxurious hot chocolate and custom-made ice cream sandwiches. 

The Basics
Jacques Torres—the award-winning chocolatier and patissier often called “Mr. Chocolate”—opened his first shop and factory in DUMBO, Brooklyn in 2000. Torres quickly became known for incorporating unusual flavors like ancho chile and passion fruit into his chocolates, and his company now boasts shops across the city. Visit to enjoy his treats, or book a class and learn about chocolate-making from the master. 

The company’s flagship store in DUMBO is often included on food-focused walking tours. Opt for a chocolate-themed tour to pair a trip to Jacques Torres Chocolate with stops at other famous chocolate shops in the city. 

Things to Know Before you go
  • Some Jacques Torres outlets offer a limited selection of his signature treats; check the wares of individual stores before visiting.
  • Jacques Torres Chocolate stores are wheelchair accessible.
  • Torres can sometimes be found holding events at his various stores. 

How to Get There
Jacques Torres Chocolate has a number of stores in neighborhoods across New York City, including SoHo and the Upper West Side, and at Rockefeller Center and Grand Central Station. The flagship store is located at 66 Water Street, Brooklyn. To reach this location by subway, take the F train to York Street. You can also reach the store easy by walking across the Brooklyn Bridge from Manhattan. 

When to Get There
Jacques Torres Chocolate stores are open 7 days a week throughout the year. They are especially popular in the run-up to holidays like Halloween, Valentine’s Day, and Christmas, when they offer themed treats. Check the stores’ schedules for information about special events. 

Walk Across the Brooklyn Bridge
For a unique view of Manhattan, walk or bike across the Brooklyn Bridge from DUMBO to downtown Manhattan. The bridge’s elevated bike and pedestrian lanes are popular with locals (many of whom cross the bridge on their daily commutes) and offer stunning views of the Brooklyn and Manhattan skylines as well as sights like the Statue of Liberty and the Manhattan Bridge. Enjoy a slow stroll, or join a guided tour to learn about the bridge’s construction and the many important buildings you can see as you make your way across the span. 


66 Water St
Brooklyn, New York