"Sea North Tours Ltd. has been in operation for 40 years! Our mandate has always been and will always continue to be to provide our visitors with a unique opportunity to observe marine animals in their natural environment and to spread knowledge about their behaviour and biology. If you dream of spending time with belugas, we have a subarctic beluga whale safari for you. Whether you wish to kayak alongside whales, combine whale watching with a historic walking tour or practice your balance on a paddleboard cheered on by enthusiastic squeaks and whistles, Sea North Tours has the perfect adventure for you. Even better, book a high tide and a low tide tour so you can do two tours in the same day. All boat tours leave at high tide whereas kayaking and paddleboarding are low tide tours." (from the business)


  • Open seasonally


  • Boating


  • Providing our guests with first-hand knowledgeable, qualified and experienced guides.
  • GUIDE : PARTICIPANT ratios on our boats are monitored daily in order to best deliver a unique and memorable experience.
  • Providing all Coast Guard required safety equipment for all our beluga whale safari tours.
  • Our custom built 32 passenger Sea North II Transport Canada Certified Tour Boat is the only tour boat in Churchill engineered for the protection of the whales because there are no exposed moving parts.
  • The Sea North II offers visitors of all ages the possibility to enjoy the beluga whales.
  • We make every reasonable effort to ensure visitors a safe tour.
  • We have a perfect safety record.


  • Beluga Whale & Historic Fort Prince of Wales Tour
  • Zodiac Beluga Whale Watching
  • Floe Ice Tours
  • Zodiac Boat Charters
  • Kayaking
  • Paddleboarding
  • Sloop Cove Hike


22 Franklin Street
Churchill, MB  R0B 0E0


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