Medellin’s Metrocable is far more than just a public transport system. Built to transform the war-torn city in the wake of Pablo Escobar’s reign, the urban cable car helps those living in the poorer hilltop barrios to access the city. Use Metrocable to explore formerly unreachable parts of the city. 

The Basics 
Due to its cultural significance, Metrocable is a staple of Medellin sightseeing tours. Tours of Comuna 13—a formerly dangerous neighborhood that was transformed by street art and electric escalators—typically include a ride on the Metrocable and reveal some of the city’s best graffiti, which can be difficult to find due to its transient nature. Rather than transporting you by car, many sightseeing tours use the Metrocable and interlinking metro to offer a glimpse of local life in Medellin.

Things to Know Before You Go 
  • Metrocable is part of the Medellin Metro so there's no need to buy a seperate ticket to access the cable car unless you take Line L to Parque Arvi.
  • If you plan to ride the Metrocable more than once, it's worth investing in a rechargeable CIVICA card, which saves you money on each journey.
  • Each Metrocable station has a different level of wheelchair and stroller accessibility; check separate websites for concrete details.
How to Get There 
You can access the Metrocable from Andalucia, Popular, Santo Domingo, and Acevedo stations, and then take a short walk to Parque Avi.

When to Get There 
The Metrocable operates Monday through Saturday from early morning until just before midnight with reduced hours on Sunday and public holidays such as Christmas Eve.  

Exploring Parque Arvi 
Arvi Park is an ecological nature reserve located on the mountains surrounding Medellin. To visit, take the Metrocable from Santo Domingo. From there, explore the market beside the Metro station, which sells coffee beans and artisan crafts, or walk one of the 10-plus hiking trails, which vary in difficulty and duration. The park also offers hiking tours that can be arranged at the visitors center on arrival.


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