Hell's Revenge Trail



Experience one of nature’s roller coaster rides, Hell’s Revenge Trail. Set in a desert canyon outside of Moab, the off-roading track crawls over slick rocks, along cliff faces, and up and down near-vertical terrain. Between rock-crawling adventures, stop to take in views stretching from Arches National Park to La Sal Mountains.

The Basics
The 6.5-mile (10.4-kilometer) Hell’s Revenge Trail is a high-intensity off-roading track made famous by obstacles with names such as Hell’s Gate and Tip-Over Challenge. The trail is extremely demanding, so if you don’t have the right vehicle or adequate off-roading experience, it's best experienced on a guided tour. Tours range in intensity from extreme rock crawling adventures to scenic Jeep tours.

Things to Know Before You Go
  • Hell’s Revenge Trail is only suitable for experienced drivers and adrenaline junkies. 
  • Tours typically last half a day and snacks and water are provided. 
  • Specially equipped vehicles are needed for this trail. Do not attempt it in an average 4WD car or truck or alone if you are unprepared to drive the terrain. 
How to Get There
Hell’s Revenge Trailhead is conveniently located 3 miles (5 kilometers) outside of Moab. Take Forth East Street to South Mill Creek Drive and then continue straight onto Sand Flats Road. The trailhead is on your left.

When to Get There
The trail is open year-round. To avoid snow or extreme heat, visit in spring or fall. The Moab Easter annual Jeep Safari in April is an ideal time to visit if you are looking for an off-roading party. If you’d rather have the trail to yourself, avoid visiting at this time; the crowds are hectic. 

Beginner Friendly Off-Roading Routes in Moab
If you want to try out off-roading but aren’t ready for the extreme Hell’s Revenge Trail, choose a more low-key off-roading option in the region. For top-notch views and easy driving, try Shafer Trail through Canyonlands National Park. Or, look to Gemini Bridges Trail, another beginner-friendly trail that also boasts natural arches along the way.


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