St. Paul's Bay



A minuscule cove wrapped in protective cliffs, St. Paul’s Bay is reputedly the spot where the Apostle Paul first set foot on Rhodes to preach to the locals in AD 51. It is one of three beaches local to the whitewashed sugar-cube houses of Lindos; this most charming of Rhodes’ east coast resorts is overlooked by an ancient acropolis and has an atmospheric tangle of steep medieval streets. The bay’s minuscule strip of sand and azure waters are almost completely enclosed by craggy cliffs and backed by bougainvillea; a tiny, whitewashed chapel sits at one corner of the cove and this romantic little place is one of the town’s favorite wedding venues. The crystal-blue Mediterranean Sea is warm enough to swim in until October and the bay is both shallow and protected from winds, making it perfect for children to splash around in. Sun-loungers and parasols are available for hire and there are showers and a tiny beach bar but space on this lovely beach is at a premium.


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