According to folklore, sirens once inhabited this small group of islands known as Li Galli or Le Sirenuse. But today, it’s intrepid travelers who find their way through the placid waters and scenic coastal landscapes to the three major land masses of this archipelago: La Castelluccia, Gallo Lungo and La Rotonda. 

Gallo Lungo is one of Li Galli’s most popular destinations, thanks to historical roots as a home to a monastery, and later a prison. In the mid-1990s, it became privately owned by Giovanni Russo and today, offers deluxe accommodations to travelers able to afford the steep price tag. Luckily the quiet waters that surround this iconic island are open to the public, which means even visitors who will never set foot on the shores are able to at least catch a glimpse of Gallo Lungo during a swim.


Li Galli , Amalfi Coast


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