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Part of the Happy Valley franchise of theme parks, Happy Valley Chengdu is the largest amusement park in western China. Located in the Jinniu District, the park features a variety of rides such as roller coasters, tilt-a-whirls, bumper cars, and water rides, as well as magic shows, concerts, and other performances.
The Basics
Happy Valley Chengdu covers an area of 5,059,038 square feet (470,000 square meters) and is divided into seven distinct themed zones, including Magic Castle, Flying Island, Dreams of the Mediterranean, and Happy Light Year. There are plenty of thrills to be had, including a bungee jump and indoor skydiving in a vertical wind tunnel. Those looking for something less extreme can enjoy carnival games and a range of performances, from magic acts to acrobatics.
It’s possible to visit Happy Valley Chengdu independently, and some visitors choose to visit with a guide to help them navigate the park and take care of transportation. Alternatively, opt for a private tour to add a stop at Happy Valley Chengdu to any customized itinerary.
Things to Know Before You Go

  • Happy Valley Chengdu is suitable for families.
  • Opening times for rides are sometimes staggered.
  • Wear comfortable walking shoes and be prepared to do a fair bit of walking.
  • There’s an internal (paid) shuttle for those who don’t want to walk as much.
  • Visitors who don’t speak Mandarin Chinese may have difficulties navigating the park.
How to Get There
Happy Valley Chengdu is located in the Jinniu District, in northwestern Chengdu. It’s easiest to take a taxi there. Or take bus 36, 48, 88, 116, 119, 209, 656, 712, or 1061 to Huaqiaocheng and walk southeast.
When to Get There
Although the park is open until 9pm daily, it’s best to arrive earlier in the day, as many of the rides close by 6pm. It can get very busy on weekends and public holidays, so visit during the week for smaller crowds. Special and seasonal events are held from time to time.
Other Theme and Amusement Parks in Chengdu

Happy Valley Chengdu is not the only theme part in Chengdu. Fans of theme parks may also want to check out Guosetianxiang Theme Park, Haichang Polar Ocean Scenic Spot, and Paradise Island Ocean Park.


16 Xihua Blvd, Jinniu District
Chengdu, Sichuan


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