Regardless of what type of traveler you are or what sort of experience you’re looking for, Polihale State Park on the far western edge of Kaua’i is a remote outpost that holds a different allure for all who venture to her shores.

Novelty-seekers can revel in the knowledge that Polihale State Park is the westernmost public beach in the entire state of Hawaii, while adventurers will love how the park is accessed by a rugged dirt road where 100-foot sand dunes line the empty shoreline. If you’re a photographer, Polihale State Park is one of the few places on Kauai where you can photograph the sunset disappearing into the water and somehow be the only person around.

Different from the popular tourist centers of Poipu, Kapa’a, and Hanalei, the main draw for visitors to Polihale is not its popularity, but how it somehow continues to be completely and totally wild. There are no facilities to be found anywhere at Polihale, and the only place which is safe for swimming is a protected area towards the south end of the beach which is known as the Queen’s Bath.

Camping is permitted along the length of Polihale, although campers will need to pack in all of their own supplies since the closest town is over 30 minutes away. A windswept wilderness of sculpted sand and powerful surf, a visit to Polihale State Park is a reminder of what it means to be free.


Polihale State Park
Kauai, Hawaii


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